Lemon Law- How Do You Know Your Car Is A Lemon?

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The California lemon law applies to any vehicle with a warranty, including used cars that come with a warranty from a dealership or seller. The law also extends to all types of motorized vehicles, including cars, trucks and the chassis portion of a motor home. In fact, any vehicle acquired for personal, family and sometimes even business use, whether purchased or leased, falls under the jurisdiction of the California lemon law.

Also covered in the story was the point that if you have had repeated repairs for the same problem during warranty, and your vehicle has just recently left the factory warranty, that is an evidence that your car is a lemon.

A major component of the California lemon law is the terms of the warranty. Under the Lemon law, violation of that warranty occurs when a defect in the vehicle substantially impairs its use, value, or safety.

The California lemon law provides you with a powerful tool for avoiding getting stuck with a lemon. Under the California lemon law, if a manufacturer cannot repair a vehicle's problems after a reasonable number of repair attempts, it must replace the vehicle or refund the price paid for the vehicle - whichever one you choose.

The manufacturer will certainly not tell you that they are obligated to buy-back or repurchase your automobile, SUV, motor home or motorcycle. And of course, no automobile dealership is going to tell you that they defrauded you.
Lemon law is created to protect you from having to deal with a vehicle that is considered to be a lemon or faulty. Lemon law encourages a private seller or a dealership to be honest. If you were informed that the car sold to you was in good working order before the sale and the vehicle breaks down soon after the deal was closed, it is apparent that the previous owner had had the knowledge of the fault existed and had broken the lemon law.

The lemon law would remedy your grievances by bringing the dishonest car dealers to book. To discourage the sellers or the car dealership from selling lemon vehicles to people 'Lemon laws' have been brought into effect by both the states and the Federal governments.

The California lemon law says that if a manufacturer cannot repair your vehicle after a reasonable number of attempts, it must either replace the defective product or refund the consumer's money.

The California lemon law applies not only to cars and pickup trucks, but also to motorcycles and motor-homes.

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Lemon Law- How Do You Know Your Car Is A Lemon?

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This article was published on 2010/11/18