How Lemon Laws Protect You

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If the car you brought spends less time on the road than in the repair shop, it may mean that you fall into the lemon law category. Some consumers purchase cars which have a lengthy list of past mechanical problems. Some of these mechanical problems are reoccurring. This is where the lemon laws can help you. If you have a car that continues to have mechanical problems, you may have a lemon. This means that no matter what you do or how much you spend to have the car fixed, it continues to have mechanical issues. So, how can the lemon law help you?


If you buy a car and find that after a few months, the car has to be taken back to the repair shop for the same problem repeatedly, you more than likely have bought yourself a lemon. If this is the case, you can use a lawyer to help you get your money back and rid yourself of the car you once thought was your dream car. The lemon laws are in place for your protection. California has a lemon law clause on the books to protect consumers who have purchased a car that sits in the repair shop more than in their driveway because it keeps having mechanical difficulties.


The lemon-law is in place to protect you when you buy a car that pulls off the lot in good condition and ends up having mechanical problems over time. It does not show up right away, but it can happen after you have put on some miles. A lemon law attorney can help you deal with the person or place that you bought your car from and make sure that they abide by the lemon law guidelines.


You do not want to be strapped with a car that you paid hard-earned money for, only to spend more time at the repair shop than you doing driving it. You have the lemon law on the books to help you, but you may need the added help of a lemon law attorney if the dealership does not feel that you have a problem car. The lemon laws are in place for your protection and if you cannot get satisfaction from the dealer, consult an attorney who knows the law and can guide you on how to get the results you need.


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How Lemon Laws Protect You

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This article was published on 2010/04/03