Automobile Lemon Law - What to Do When Your Automobile is a Lemon

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Do you really think that your vehicle is a lemon? You may think so but check out what your state thinks? Although Automobile Lemon Laws vary from state to state still the basis in and around the law remains the same. Generally, a car can be deemed as a lemon when it has not been fixed for the same problem for more than 4 times. It varies from state to state and every state has its own Lemon Law for vehicles.

Under the Automobile Lemon Law there are some defects that are not responsible for considering a vehicle as a lemon, in spite of the fact that it lies within the warranty period. On the other hand there are some defects that can make your car a lemon if any such single defect occurs. These defects are such that they can cause harm to the owner, to the passengers or to other people. Such defects are considered to be very serious and the vehicle is considered as a lemon if the manufacturer is not able to repair the vehicle in his very first attempt.

There are also some obvious facts behind the implementation of the Automobile Lemon Law. Every purchase or repair that you make must be properly documented and kept safely. You should also allow the manufacturer to repair the problems unless you want to lose your rights as stated by various State Warranty Acts.

Hiring an Attorney depends on the state where your vehicle is registered. In some states you can register a complaint and in some states you need to hire an attorney to carry out your case. If you win the case, the fees of your lawyer will also be paid by the manufacturer. But, in any case if you lose the case, you might have to pay the fees of the manufacturer's lawyer.

Ultimately, if the lemon law is in favor of you, you have the right to get your car replaced by a new one. Or, if the vehicle has been discontinued, you have the right to get a new vehicle which has the same value or a value greater than your previous vehicle. Some states also allow you to be refunded by the Automobile Lemon Law.

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Automobile Lemon Law - What to Do When Your Automobile is a Lemon

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This article was published on 2010/03/31