5 Questions to Ask Your Lemon Lawyer

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Lemon law is very complex, and specific to each state. Lemon law cases can take months to settle and involve lots of technicalities and paperwork. A good lawyer is key to winning your lemon law dispute. You should, therefore, take great care when choosing your lemon lawyer. Do your background research and ask the following questions before you hire him.

1. How many lemon law cases like mine have you handled and what were the outcomes?

Experience is the upmost qualification you should look for in a lemon lawyer. Lemon laws are very specialized, and not every case is the same. A lawyer who's dealt with cases similar to yours will be more capable of handling your dispute than one who hasn't.

2. What resources does your firm offer?

The firm you choose should have at least more than one lemon lawyer that can handle your case. Lemon law cases can take a while to settle, so in the event that your lawyer falls ill or is for some reason unavailable, you want to make sure that there's someone else ready and able to take over your case.

3. What are your upfront fees and how much of the settlement do you take?

A good, confident lemon lawyer will usually take a case on a contingent fee basis. This means you pay nothing until your dispute is won. Look for lawyers who charge no or minimal upfront fees and who take only a set amount of the final settlement and not a percentage.

4. Will you give me detailed itemized costs report each week?

If detailed itemized costs reports are not made available to you by a firm, don't hire them. Getting weekly costs reports is essential to keeping track of your case and what you're being charged for in terms of legal services and expenses.

5. Do you have extensive knowledge of my state's lemon laws?

Each state has specific lemon laws that differ from the laws of other states. Make sure that the lawyer you choose has an extensive knowledge of the lemon laws of the state where you purchased your car.

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5 Questions to Ask Your Lemon Lawyer

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This article was published on 2010/03/26